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  • You can contact our referral department via email or phone:

  • Our referral manager will take down some details and book you in for a face to face or phone consultation with one of our amazing Occupational Therapists.

  • During the consultation you will have a detailed discussion regarding you concerns and we will gather vital information to allow us to make an informed decision on how best we can help!

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  • The Occupational Therapist provide verbal feed back regarding either;

  1. Possible treatment pathways and the associated costs with Dynamic Development

  2. Referrals to other professionals either government funded or private who we feel could help you out.

  3. Practical strategies which they think would help!

  • Assessment: We then assess your child to ascertain their strengths and areas of need.

  • You will receive a detailed report outlining our findings and our recommendations again ensuring you and your child are getting the right support at the right time!

  • A planning and discussion session is booked with the Occupational Therapist so you can talk through the report and recommendations and answer any of your questions!

  • The Occupational Therapist will design a specific program to meet your child's needs and we embark on our therapy journey together!

  • You will receive regular email updates throughout the sessions regarding your child's progress and will receive activities to do at home!

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We pride ourselves on our core values.

  • Compassion 

  • Non judgemental 

  • Kind

  • Professional

  • Ethical 

  • Client and family centred

  • Honest


We are client centered and ethical therapists and will therefore only take on children who we really believe we can support and make a difference in their lives! If it's not us we will point you in the right direction and support you with this journey.


We are kind and compassionate, and want you and your family to feel welcome and comfortable in all our correspondence and throughout the therapy journey.


We ensure that we adhere to the highest level of privacy and confidentiality procedures, so you know you can trust us with valuable information.


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