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Multidisciplinary Assessment Dynamic Development OTS also work under Connect Paediatric Assessment service Providing multidisciplinary diagnostic assessment.


Full comprehensive Assessment which encorporates a full assessment of the childs function including sensory, motor; both fine and gross, visual perception, ocular motor,  primitive and postual reflexes and social and emotional development.  A full written report is provided following assessment. 

Comprehensive Sensory Assessment which includes the assessment of sensory motor, ocular motor and primitive and postural reflexes.  A full written report is provided following assessment.  


Motor Assessment includes the assessment of both fine and gross motor and sensory motor skills .  A full written report is provided following assessment.  


Visual Perceptual Assessment which includes the assessment of all visual motor intergration sub catagories and ocular motor skills.  A full written report is provided following assessment.  


Pre-school screen which involves a 20 minute screen assessment including fine and gorss motor, visual perception, sensory and primitive reflexes.  A short summary of findings and reccomendations is provided following assessment.

  • Sensory Integration Therapy

  • Therapeutic Listening  (find out more about therapeutic listening here: https://vitallinks.com/therapeutic-listening/)

  • Primitive and Postural Reflex Inhibition Programs  

  • Gross and Fine Motor Training  

  • Behavioural Management Plans/Intervention

  • School Intervention/Programs  Visual Perceptual Programs

  • Design and Support with the implementation of Sensory Diets  

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Social and emotional development

  • Cognitive therapy

  • Mental health support 

  • Neurological rehabilitation

  • School readiness, transitions 

  • Resilience training (growing resilient kids program)


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Chit Chat group: Designed to address social and emotional development.  


Fantastic Fingers: Designed to develop fine motor skills.  


Jumping monkeys: Designed to address gross motor development.  


The Alert Program: A group designed to teach skills for self regulation.

Growing Resilient Kids: A specalised program designed to build all the skills required for kids to become more resilient and able to cope with life!

The holiday program is an intensive therapy program which is offered over either one or two weeks during the holidays.  Sessions run on 5 consecutive days and is great to get the kids ready for returning to school.


Alternatively you can come and join one of our fun and interactive 1 day workshops! These will change each holiday but will both fun and educational!


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